Timeshare Listing Services

J&J Timeshare Sales and Exit SolutionsHave you ever tried to sell your timeshare yourself? Were you unsuccessful? Selling a timeshare, can be particularly difficult for individuals sellers in today's market. Most individuals will require the assistance of a professional agent or listing service to market their timeshare effectively. Not only does J & J Timeshare put your timehare in front of hundreds of brokers within minutes, we actively market your timeshare through our social media outlets as well. And we do it all with no up-front fee. You only pay a commission on the sale of your timeshare. Contact us today to get your timeshare listed in our network andharness the power of our marketing tools to sell your timeshare now!

Timeshare Equity Program

We also have a timeshare equity program. Here's how it works: we assess the value of the current timeshare(s) you own and let you use this equity towards the purchase of a new timeshare from our inventory. This program is an excellent way to get out of timeshares that you no longer want while saving big on a new fractional ownership. There is in house financing available as well. Contact us for more details.

List Your Timeshare With Us!